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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the Street Art of the 21st century! It is Magic Realism come to life before your eyes. It is the art of placing virtual computer graphic artworks – images, objects, installations – in locations around the city so that they enhance (augment) the real world with a layer of artistic and cultural meaning. The virtual artworks can then be seen as overlays in the live camera views of smart phones and iPad tablets, as if the artworks were really present in your surroundings, breaking down the barriers between the world of dreams, fantasy and culture and the world of every day humdrum reality. How will people know that the world around them is full of invisible art? Just like people find out about the vanished and invisible history of the neighborhood: We will place markers throughout East Harlem/El Barrio that alert people to this hidden layer of street art, show their locations on maps, and lead augmented reality tours of the neighborhood. The shopkeeper in the corner market will not only tell you about the famous jazz singer who live next door, but tell you how you can see artworks about them and their life and what the neighborhood was like in their times.