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Mi Querido Barrio (My Beloved Barrio): Conceptualizing Home and Community through Augmented Reality






CCCADI trained and worked with a team of cutting edge Virtual and Augmented reality artists and technologists to create virtual historic environments land marking East Harlem/El Barrio. Mi Querido Barrio will continue to train members of the community in these new immersive technologies as a way to empower them to create a repository of their cultural memories.  Actual exhibitions will document the lives of 5 families with a generational history of living in El Barrio connected to virtual exhibition and an exhibition with intergenerational artists exploring the concept of home/community in a global reality.

The objective of Mi Querido Barrio is to empower the local historical residents of East Harlem to preserve their cultural history and memories through the use of virtual and augmented reality technologies.

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